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The story of a following family group conference

The first conference happend in the year 2019. The initiator of the conference was a single mom with a little baby, nearly one year old. The mother unfortunately had a chronical illness. She often had to go to the hospital or sometimes she had to call the ambulance in the night, when it was nessecary to have a doctor quickly. At the moment of the first family group conference the mother lived together with her sister.

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Petra and her grandmother

‘I want to take my granddaughter and educate her. Her mother shoved her out of the house and she has gone to live with the family of a friend. She’s sleeping in the living room’.

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Giving trust makes a big difference

‘A great example of giving trust’, said my colleague this week when she told me about a Family Group Conference for four children. She was talking about the trust that the Family Guardian had in a family, in a situation that was not simple and where the concerns were big.

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Tunnel dad

Cristina is a Family Group Coordinator who was struggling to get in contact with a father. He is a full-time activist, which meant he was either up a tree or underground in London’s tunnels, out of reception and reach. She was trying to contacting him to arrange a meeting.

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Seven years a plan

It was a sunny summer’s day, I still remember very well… I found a letter in our mailbox. To: volunteer Anke and to all the people of EKC, 7 years ago, an Eigen Kracht-conferentie (editer’s note: ‘an EKc’ is the Dutch translation of a FGC) took place for my foster daughter Saskia and her daughter Lotte. It was not simple, we were quite nervous.

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LISA – and her family group conference-

Lisa, a 16 year old girl, grew up in a strictly religious family in Germany. The elder she became, the less she felt understood and welcomed in her family, and she started doubting in the way of (religious) life her parents lived. She felt suppressed by her parent´s convictions and their ideas of life. Lisa started to rebel against her parents and their ideology.

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