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When the strength of the biological family supports foster carers

10 year-old Anna has been growing up in a family of long-term foster parents for the last four years. Her mother was struggling with an illness that prevented her from caring for Anna, two children were born into the foster family in succession, and during the time of the covid, conflicts between Anna and the foster family increased. The foster parents decided to terminate foster care and Anna was placed in the children´s home. She was in contact with her biological family and her mother expressed her wish to regain custody of Anna, her health had improved but she had not secured accommodation. The purpose of the FGC was to answer the question of how care for Anna would be provided. The FGC brought together Anna’s extended biological family, and former foster parents attended the initial part of the meeting at the request of the family and Anna. They offered to reapply for custody of Anna until her mother secured suitable housing conditions. The extended family supported the mother and planned regular contact with Anna.


A story from the Czech Republic  

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