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Making a plan in the own circle
Rediscovered in 1980s

Making a plan in the own circle – family, friends, neighbors, church communities, etc. – is a practice that has occurred over many centuries all over the world. This method was rediscovered in the nineteen eighties, in New Zealand, when it was investigated why youth care did not align with the Maori population.

Family networks
Foundation of a new youth care model

This research showed that family networks played no part in youth care, although family networks are an important element in Maori culture. The strength of family networks became the foundation of a new youth care model: the Family Group Conference (FGC). This model proved very successful and was incorporated in New Zealand legislation in 1989.


Many countries and institutions were inspired by this model and put a lot of effort to implement it, e.g.

The U.S.A.: The National Center on Family Group Decision Making