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FGC during a separation

The parents of Paul, 9 years old, are going to be separated. The attempts to manage it together were unsuccessful, everyone is sad. The godmother proposes a FGC to support Paul now. In addition, a solution for the housing situation should be found, which is fair to all. After some consideration, Paul’s parents start an FGC. Paul, mom and dad each choose support persons. They will help them to express their concerns and wishes, but also listen carefully to what the others have to say. It becomes clear to the family members and friends involved in the preparation for the meeting that the parents are very busy with themselves at the moment. It is good that uncle Michael takes time for Paul now. He travels to the FGC a day early to discuss with Paul what is important to him, but also to simply be there for him.

The FGC takes place at a family center on a Saturday afternoon. Since no proffessionals are involved, the aunt briefly explains the topics and goals during the information phase. The FGC coordinator describes the procedure and the rules of the meeting, and the meeting is ready to start. Paul has written his ideas on a large poster with the help of Uncle Michael. He wants to live near his school, he wants a room with Mom and Dad in the apartment, and he wants to do nice things with everyone. The quarrels should stop, he quickly adds during the Family Council. The adults discuss for a long time, especially who will stay in the apartment and who will move away. Paul gets bored and goes with his cousin to the playground of the family center. After four hours, the adults have settled on a solution to the living situation, arrangements for household management, and a plan for when Paul can be with which parent. Paul is happy, Uncle Michael still has time for him today, so they can discuss everything again. The planned move takes place 4 months later, in the meantime family and friends have already met for the third time to continue their planing and help the family through this rough time.


A story from Germany

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