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Sandra and her brother Chris

Sandras brother Chris was supported by Family Group Conference last year. Adult FGC services got involved after complaints were made to the council by Chrisneighbours. Sandra was not aware ofChris’ worsening situation due to the pandemic. During lockdown, Chris had become more isolated, and they discovered he had been cuckood. The meetings were set up by the FGC coordinator Jourdelle and were to be held online as it was the height of lockdown. Sandra described Jourdelle as fantastic from the start, really making it clear he was on Chrisside, and developing a trusting relationship with him. Where other professionals were pushing for solutions that may have been detrimental to him, Jourdelle always considered what would be best for Chris. Sandra felt like the family was well supported by FGC and discussed things with Chris as well as the professionals from the council. They could reassure the council that Chris wanted positive change. The meeting meant they could draw up a plan as a family, writing in a daily phone call and helping Chris keep the place clean, although this was complicated during the lockdown. Although the meetings happened over a short period, Sandra felt at ease knowing that she could always call Jourdelle. Chris sadly passed away, and Sandra spoke about the need for a better understanding of addiction and the individual. Sandra lamented not continuing work with FGC, they only had a few meetings together, but she felt well-supported by Jourdelle. He called Chris regularly and always took his sense of humour in his stride.  


A story from England


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