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Azara’s FGC circle

Azara first encountered a member of the family in a referral twelve years ago. In 2010, she organised a Family Group Conference for a mother and her children. The mother was experiencing mental health issues, and it was clear to her family that she was struggling. The children’s father wanted to assume the responsibility as the primary carer. The mother’s network was extensive, including her own mother and extended family. The issue was resolved in the FGC, and the children began living with their father. The social worker closed the case, and Azara moved on, working with many families over the years. A couple of months ago, Azara saw a surname she recognised. She had received another FGC referral for the family, this time for the grandmother. Azara was interested in this coincidence and contacted the family members to organise the meeting. After they discussed the essential details of the meeting, she brought up the original FGC. Some of the family remembered her. However, not all of them were in attendance as they weren’t convinced by the concept of FGC back then. The grandmother had been a large supportive figure in the initial FGC, and now Azara was conducting a meeting to rally support around her. The grandmother had been diagnosed with dementia, and the meeting was called to organise her care from her twelve children. Although the mother would not be in attendance, the children from that first FGC, now grown up, would participate. Azara noted that despite the unique nature of this situation, it highlighted that Family Group Conference is for everyone at any point in their life.


A story from England

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