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What is going on with Jane? 

Jane´s teacher noticed that Jane had not been herself for a long time. The cheerful girl had become a closed, serious girl. The teacher contacted the social worker, who began working with the family. After several visits, it became clear that the family was going through a difficult time. The mother is alone with Jana and her younger sister, she is struggling with substance abuse and cannot handle her emotions. She confided that she was determined to enter residential addiction treatment. But who will take care of her children? Her social worker suggested FGC. Although she agreed to see the coordinator, she was very skeptical. “I’m on my own, I have no one, my parents won’t help me, it’s useless” were her first words after the coordinator’s visit. There was very little time to prepare for the meeting, the admission to the treatment centre was approaching in a matter of days. In the end, twelve adult participants and four children came to FGC. The atmosphere was very tense, the mother’s parents even decided to leave, unable to handle their emotions. Despite this, the family made a plan to support mum during her treatment, found a caring person for the sisters and listened to their wishes to be in contact with the cousins they had not seen for a long time. The grandparents, who could not stay for the entire meeting, also joined in the plan, phoning their offer of support to the aunt during a private family time. The mother is currently in treatment centre and in daily telephone contact with the children. 

 (the names in this story are fictitional)


A story from the Czech Republic

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