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For the first time together at the same table

The parents of three-year-old Mariana have not lived together since she was born. Mariana´s mother was taking care of two years older brother from a previous relationship. Mariana´s father found a new girlfriend, but did not want to lose contact with Mariana and asked for a join custody. Experts stepped in, but even after three years and two court hearings, the parents could not reach an agreement. The social worker suggested the FGC. After almost two months of preparation, the family met. A total of twelve participants were reached, six from the father’s side, six from the mother’s side. There was concern about the presence of Mariana. In the end, she was not absent from the meeting (as her older brother) and her presence was considered beneficial by all participants, as well as the opportunity to bring together all the important people for the parents for the first time at one table. Although the parents did not agree on everything, they saw the FGC as the first step towards a common agreement. Parents were sorry that they had not found out about the possibility of using the FGC earlier. After two months they want to meet again and plan the next steps.


A story from the Czech Republic  

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