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Delcia’s story

Delcia is a mother who has experienced the Child Protection system first hand. One of the Social Worker’s concerns in her last meeting was whether she had a strong network around her. She tried to explain that her family could not attend the Child Protection meetings due to work and study commitments, but they would be there for her if she needed them. They were also potentially wary of involvement from social services. Following the last Child In Need meeting, Delcia was offered a Family Group Conference. After a short Private Family Time, the coordinator was surprised to return to a fully formed plan. Delcia was pleased by how quickly her family came together and structured the plan, establishing who would do what for her and her son if an emergency arose. Two weeks after the FGC, the family used the plan after Delcia was burgled. Her family enacted everything written in the FGC plan to help her. She and her son stayed with her mum while her family checked her property to check the damage. Delcia’s family also took care of her son and checked in on her mental health. Although no one could have predicted that exact situation, the plan worked as intended. Delcia wishes she would have been offered the FGC earlier in the process as her family collaborated well and appreciated the independent nature of the service. The different style of social work changed the experience a lot, turning something negative into something positive. Delcia explained that she was happy that the plan actually worked and that all the promises in there were true.


A story from England

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