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A FGC in pandemic times

K. is a 13 year old boy. He is living together with his mother, the father died some years ago.
K. didn’t go to school last year too often and also in homeschooling (in the pandemic times, the schools were closed) he was more often missed than present.

His mother cannot bring him out of bed in the morning, to school or even away from his computer. K. is playing video games the whole day and most of the night. He stoped – since corona – his outdoor activities with his friends – no sports/ no helping at home/ skiped his meetings with his social worker – only gambling. He is very aggressive, if his mother stops his computer.

The quesion for the FGC was:
Which support needs K. to come back to school and other activities? The social worker had the requests:

  • visit of K. in a psychological hospital for diagnose gambling addiction or not
  • visit school/ homeschooling
  • visit and active participation the appointments with his social worker

If the social worker will not see any improvement, she wants K. to live in a residential group.

Participation in the FGC :

K., his mother, his adult brother, his two adult sisters, the social worker of the youth welfare office and the social worker of the aid agency – and me a „citizen coordinator“.

In the „plan“ the solutions were:

The brother looks together with K. for a job in the school holidays and one sister helps too, to find a job for the weekends.
The brother comes to K.s house to „kick“ him away from the computer and have outdoor activities together (soccer, swimming…)

The mother teaches K. cooking (because he moves so less, he increased his weight a lot and want to learn cooking vegetables).
K. asks his friend ́s familiy to go together with them to Croatia in the summer holidays (this will be his first stay outside Germany)

The whole familiy wants to make excursions to games parks, zoo…, but there is not enough money. Therefore the familiy wants to save money for the future.
K. don’t want to live in a residential group, he want’s to live together with his mother.


A story from Germany

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