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A family group conference for an unborn baby

A referral came in to our Cwlwm Family Group Conference service in North Wales, it was from a Social worker for an unborn baby, who was worried about drug and Domestic Abuse issues, they parents had been given notice to leave their property and they had not been engaging well with services.   

The Social Worker asked for an FGC as soon as possible, at this point the parents had been estranged from most of their family members, but they agreed to an FGC as they were worried that their baby could be adopted. 

The first meeting was on Zoom as it was in the middle of the most recent lockdown, on hearing the departments concerns the family members were shocked at the severity of the situation. It was a difficult meeting due to some technical problems and dad unable to attend due to bail conditions, the family were also upset at hearing some of the issues that needed to be addressed. Dad communicated his voice via the co-ordinator. 

The family agreed they needed to prioritise the issues and they made a plan to address immediate issues such as housing and a family member to start the assessment process to care for the baby if that was necessary. 

A further meeting took place 3 weeks later and a more detailed plan was agreed. When Baby was born it was placed in temporary foster care but the family plan was for the baby to be cared for by the maternal grandmother. When the assessments were complete this happened, the baby is now living with grandmother as the main carer but mum also lives in the same house. Parents are now having support to address their substance misuse and have started a healthy relationships course. Dad is now working and both parents have regular contact with baby supported by family members. 


A story from Wales 

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