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Seven years a plan

It was a sunny summer’s day, I still remember very well… I found a letter in our mailbox.

To: volunteer Anke and to all the people of EKC,

7 years ago, an Eigen Kracht-conferentie (editer’s note: ‘an EKc’ is the Dutch translation of a FGC) took place for my foster daughter Saskia and her daughter Lotte. It was not simple, we were quite nervous. But it worked and eventually, there was a plan! And yes, the plan worked! Saskia and Lotte moved back in with me, got her driver’s licence, got a degree and found a job… Of course it was a bumpy road now and then and the Ekc didn’t magically make all tensions disappear.. Even during the conference there were tensions and two people had left angrily.

But the plan did work. Beyond tensions and conflict, we made agreements that were met by almost everyone. And adjustments were made when necessary so that sometimes conflicting parties also needed to realign with each other. Yes, since then, Saskia’s mother and father have consulted me regularly….But, I’m not finished yet, the best is yet to come and I’m so glad that I can share this with you: Saskia married a year ago. She had been living together with Lotte and her partner nearby. I had kept a low profile during the preparation of their wedding because Saskia’s mother was always there to help, it was so great to see!

But, on the morning of the wedding, when I arrived at Saskia’s place, her mother came upto me, grabbed me by the arm and said: “let’s go to Saskia together, she will be so happy”…

So we went to her arm in arm…And, I’m still not finished! During the ceremony, Saskia’s father literally said: the Ekc has been a turning point in the life of Saskia and Lotte, that’s how I look at it, so it is.” I then decided to write down my story and share it with Eigen Kracht Centrale. Thanks to all those who keep the organisation running!


A story from Belgium

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