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How to get a wheel cover to the wall of Jesica  

Fifteen-year-old Jesica from the childrens’ home had her FGC a year ago. She wished to meet her siblings, whom she had not seen for a long time. After a year, the coordinator interviewed her:

Coo: A year ago we managed together to see your siblings after a long time, and finally your mother. How long had you not seen them before? 
Jesica: About four years. 
Coo: I know at the FGC you agreed to keep in touch via FB, is that going well? 
Jesica: Yes, I text with my sisters, sometimes with my brother. At Christmas I was at my sister’s house and then we also went to my mum’s house where I saw my other siblings. Also in the spring I was at home. 
Coo: So it seems that your wish to see your family was fulfilled. Anything else?
Jesica: I found out about my father from my sister. I wrote to him and now we are writing to each other. 
Coo: It looks like we’ve managed to re-establish contact between you two, I appreciate your courage. How do you remember the day you had the meeting?
Jesica: I was probably nervous at first, but then it was good. Afterwards, when we left the building, we still went to the square for ice cream. At that time a car was passing by us and the wheel cover fell off the wheel. I picked it up as a souvenir and decorated it with signs like this. After we met, I hung it on the wall. 
Coo: Can you tell me what the characters are? 
Jesica: They’re the Japanese names of the characters in my favorite TV show. 
Coo: I see you have pictures decorating your room, did you paint those? 
Jesica: Yes, I relax like this.
Coo: Jesica, thank you for the interview and for the nice time. 


A story from the Czech Republic 

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