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Not a new class, but new friends 

Peter, a 11 years old boy, faces difficulties at school. About a year ago he was diagnosed with dyslexia. His parents separated and divorced years ago. Since then he lives with his mother, who takes care of him. Couple of years ago she remarried. During the last school year, after a violent conflict at school, the class teacher demanded that Peter needs to receive professional help. He also insisted that the boy has to be moved to another class. The boy has already been moved to another school twice because of the same old problems – his behaviour with other children in class and in school. The family is offered Family group conference. And they come together and they make a plan. It is a simple plan, but it works. The step father takes the boy to “men’s” activities and sport trainings weekly. The family found appropriate moment to delicately explain to the boy the reason his father never takes him out or to his place. The mother and the step father keep a weekly contact with the teacher and the pedagogical advisor to be informed about Peter’s behavior and schooling. The boy choses a sport that he prefers and starts training. Both grandparents take him to regular sessions with a speech therapist. The mother is supported in difficult period when her child is rejected.  

And now, in the beginning of a new school year, the boy still attends the same school. There are conflicts. Peter has a number of friends in the class.  


A story from Bulgaria



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