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What happens to Susi if her mother had to go to prison?

A single mother, who was involved in a fraud case, requested a FGC. It was unclear whether she would be prosecuted. She wanted to establish an emergency plan, that ensures that her seven-year-old daughter, Susi is being cared of in case of her emprisonment. Her big concern was, of course how the daughter would deal with her absence. The mother spent part of her childhood in stationary care and she wished that her daughter could remain at home or in the care of friends. The father had regular but not clearly regulated contact with his child. He was doing an apprenticeship in another city and wanted to continue with this.

The communication between the mother and him as well as with her friends was quiet good. In addition to the father, four/five close friends, who were informed, had already offered their support.

So what was the additional value of the FGC? This is was she told us:

  • The mother, who was burdened by her everyday life needed a motivation from outside to set up a meeting and make a plan.
  • It was only during the preparation and through the FGC that it became clear, which of the friends who initially promised their support, were reliable and ready to take on responsibillity.
  • When the date for the FGC was set, a neighbour was spontaneously invited. Initially she was not on the list, although she often spent time with Susi. Now she became an important part of the plan.
  • The three persons who, according to the plan, will share responsibility for Susi didn’t know each other until then, although they were all close friends with the mother. They only came in contact through the FGC.
  • The day of the FGC the topic of the meeting was an emergency plan in case of a temporary absence of the mother. The FCG represented to Susi the opportunity to get to know what happens in case of temporary absence of her mother.
  • The plan provides that she will remain in her usual environment at home with her father. To enable him to be at his place on work in time, the neighbour will take Susi to school and pick her up. She also will help with homework.
  • The father will be the main responsible person, but he will be supported by a friend who has a child of the same age as Susi, especially in matters concerning school or health issues.
  • Everyone felt good in working together, especially Mum and Susi.


A story from Germany

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