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Where will Z. live?

Z. is 8 years old. Her parents were separated, then her mother died. After a few moves, Z. comes to live with her grandparents, her grandmother also gets parental care. Z. has been living with her grandparents for three years. The grandfather is already retired and the grandmother will retire next year, both want to spend their life evening in Greece. The father would like to take Z. in, but he has health and financial problems. He also has a new partner and a baby with her. Where will Z. live? The FGC is to clarify this.

The minimum requirements of the social worker are that it must be a longterm solution, that the change must be well prepared and that Z. must not be exposed to any violence. The grandparents, the father and his partner with the baby, an aunt ♂ with her husband, an uncle ♂ and Z., the social worker of the Youth Welfare Office and the coordinator attend. Two aunts ♀ with whom Z. spends weekends from time to time are not invited, the grandmother finds this to difficult.

The plan: Z. moves in with the father and his partner. Professional help has already been found at the place of residence. Rules and structures are established (e.g. mealtimes, bedtimes…). During the transition phase, the grandparents provide support, later Z. can spend her holidays with the grandparents in Greece. They remain the contact person for the father, his partner and Z. – as well as all the aunts and uncles present. As a first attempt, father, partner, baby and Z. will go on a trip during the coming holidays. A follow-up FGC is planned in six months.

Sadly the plan did not work out: After the holiday trip was interrupted because Z. could not be integrated in the new family and behaved very challenging and unhappy, father and partner believe, that they cannot manage to create a good home for Z. A new FGC is planned. More relatives are included, especially one aunt – Z. really likes. What will happen next for Z. and her family?


A story from Germany

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