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New town, new school 

Adela is 10 years old, but even at this early age she knows what violence is. For years she has been a witness of domestic violence against her mother. The parents are divorced now. The father has a restriction order by the court, so he has no contacts with the girl and his former wife. The mother and the daughter have moved to live in another town, where they have some relatives. The girl started going to a new school, but has difficulties to adapt. She feels isolated and has no friends. Then an advice for a family group conference comes from a family friend.  

An independent coordinator organises the gathering. Members of the family as well as friends and a teacher from the new school come to the meeting and all together make a plan. It is now being implemented for months. The grandmother accompanies the girl to birthday parties and other social and cultural events when the mother is busy during working hours. The cousins introduced Adela to the children in the neighbourhood and take her with them when then they play outside and have other activities with friends. The teacher on arts included a painting of Adela in a special art exhibition at the school. The grandfather bought a special rare fairy tale book for the girl, which she donated to the school library. A member of the family accompanies the child to lessons on applied arts weekly. The mother took her daughter to a presentation of Batik technique and later enrolled her for the course. So Adela has found her circle and friends, so needed for her socialisation in a new school during difficult period of her life.  


A story from Bulgaria


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